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Moving Truck

Alas, I liked this blog, but I neglected it until it basically died. So, for the new year, I’ve started blogging again, but in a new location. (The new digs make it easier to interact with blogs I follow because they’re over on that other site.) To visit the new blog and see what I’m currently working on, please visit: Crimson Rambler’s Yarn Barn. Thanks!


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in the beginning

This is the first post in a brand new blog. So, it is really just a test entry to see how this WordPress bad boy works.

As a long-time LiveJournal-er, I’m definitely not used to the new system, but I already like the fact that you don’t have ridiculous ads to compete with, when wanting to view the site. And I started with WP because so many of the sites I visit use this program. So, I’m hoping it will work for me too. Of course, I’ve already noticed that the themes I want cost money (and by money I mean, dang, that’s a lot of money).

But really, the whole purpose of starting a new blog, is to showcase my crochet. And maybe wax poetic RAMBLE about stuff I’m into. (And maybe even sell some crochet so I can fund my newfound yarn addiction.)


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