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The King’s Speech was my favorite movie of the year. I cannot wait until it is on DVD/BluRay. However, I am desperate to talk about 127 Hours with someone who has actually seen it.

Seriously. I still think about this movie and I saw it weeks ago. It was the only time I’ve ever seen a movie and walked out exhausted by the emotional roller coaster I’d been on. But, like a roller coaster, I walked out majorly excited. I mean, it was a phenomenal movie.

Why haven’t you seen it?

My guess is that the main reason people haven’t watched it is the whole cutting-off-his-own-arm scene. I am NOT good with gore. In fact, there was a point in this movie that I was pretty close to closing my eyes, covering my ears, and humming loudly.

BUT, if I hadn’t gone through it, I probably wouldn’t have had the amazing experience I did. My hope, with this post, is to encourage you, if you haven’t seen it, to go rent it/buy it/download it *I would never encourage anyone to illegally obtain a movie* or whatever method you can find to watch this movie. The yucky part is about three minutes, but the rest is so completely worth it.

Is that not the reason?

Why haven’t you seen this movie? (Or: Have you seen this movie? What did you think?)

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