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A lawsuit was just filed preemptively by one of my former employers. Bath & Body Works just filed a lawsuit against Summit Entertainment. BBW is alleging that they did not infringe the trademark of the Twilight franchise with their scent Twilight Woods.

Here’s the thing. I love Bath & Body Works, but they are totally in the wrong here. They debuted this fragrance pretty much the same week New Moon came out in theaters. The color scheme is dead on for the New Moon promotions. The woods in the background are dead on for the New Moon promotions. AND, when I was waiting in line for the the New Moon premiere BBW employees came to the theater and handed out samples and coupons for Twilight Woods. Sorry, BBW, but you brought this upon yourselves. I’m Team Summit for this one. And for anyone else who has ever worked at Bath & Body Works, I don’t feel like they are being very Kate-like.


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