angry bird

I found a pattern online that I was positive some of my friends would go nuts about. I was right. I present to you, the Angry Bird – Cardinal:

Details: He took about 5 hours to complete. He’s filled with a mixture of half fiberfill, half pony beads. The yarn is Red Heart Super Saver Solids. And my Angry Birds Addict friends love him to pieces.


I’m a proponent for reading books before watching the movies. After seeing the trailer for the upcoming version, I decided I finally need to read Jane Eyre. I will fully admit that I have been extremely prejudiced against this book since I was in high school. Why? Because I hated, no, loathed Wuthering Heights. I am fully aware how ridiculous that is, considering they were written by different people, but I’m not going to lie right now and tell you I just didn’t get around to reading it.

English major moment: I studied a little bit about the author, Charlotte Brontë. She was born about a year before Jane Austen died. Charlotte first published Jane Eyre under the pseudonym Currer Bell because it was so much easier for men to get published. Her siblings all died young, mainly because of tuberculosis. And their last name is supposed to be pronounced Bron-tee, not Bron-tay.

At this point, I am almost halfway through the book. I was a little confused at first about who was narrating, but once I figured it out, I’ve been pretty content. There are some really supernatural themes that I wasn’t expecting. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to like Mr. Rochester or not, but because the name is so familiar in the literary world, I assume I am. I think I like him, but it’s still a little early to know.

Considering how dark it has been so far, and how Wuthering Heights should have been called Misery Loves Company, I should probably prepare myself for an unhappily ever after, but barring any major awful-ness, I’m going on record as saying I might even like Jane Eyre.

(And it may be entirely possible that I feel the need to go back and re-read Wuthering Heights to see if maybe High-School-Me was just being a little bit melodramatic when making my assessment.)

Yarn tie-in: They talk about the girls knitting in the book.

We have a contest at work every Valentine’s Day. Everyone (well, the cool people anyway) decorates a bag and then we give out valentines just like in elementary school. It’s super fun. This year I was on the committee, so I decided to make my bag crochet-style. The theme of the contest this year was Cartoonastic. Here is the result:

Details: I used Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Red, White, and Black. I improvised a pattern for a bag I found in a book, but enough was improvised that it’s not really worth mentioning. It’s about 11 inches tall, not counting straps. And, aside from being a seriously cute bag, it’s really soft.

My favorite scarf to date, was the Berry Sweet Scarf. It’s really pretty, really soft, and the owner wears it constantly (which means it’s a fan favorite).

The details: It’s about five-and-a-half feet long, half double crochet with about two inches of fringe. I used Loops & Threads Charisma yarn. All in all it only took about three or four hours to complete. I made another after this with the blue-green color and it is also pretty awesome.

This is the first post in a brand new blog. So, it is really just a test entry to see how this WordPress bad boy works.

As a long-time LiveJournal-er, I’m definitely not used to the new system, but I already like the fact that you don’t have ridiculous ads to compete with, when wanting to view the site. And I started with WP because so many of the sites I visit use this program. So, I’m hoping it will work for me too. Of course, I’ve already noticed that the themes I want cost money (and by money I mean, dang, that’s a lot of money).

But really, the whole purpose of starting a new blog, is to showcase my crochet. And maybe wax poetic RAMBLE about stuff I’m into. (And maybe even sell some crochet so I can fund my newfound yarn addiction.)